About Us


Established in 1948, K & K Abrasives is a leading manufacturer of superior quality abrasive products. As a family owned business with 65 years of experience, we employ state of the art equipment, utilize premium grade materials, and offer a vast array of products to satisfy the individual needs of our customers; sanding belts, abrasive rolls, 9 x11 sheets, sanding and PSA discs, slashed rolls, slashed assemblies, etc. Our cost conscious methodology translates into proven cost savings for our customers, while producing the highest quality industrial supplies. We specialize in custom belt sizes and abrasive rolls for all sanding applications, ranging from 1/4″ -54″.

Many of our highly skilled 20 year veterans are an integral part of the K & K Abrasives team, providing customers with reliable industry knowledge, and a rewarding customer service experience. We are confident K & K Abrasives will prove to be all our customers expect, and most certainly deserve. . exceptional products at an exceptional price.


Great Company! Excellent Service! KK Abrasives is above the rest.
Tom Jackson
This site is very easy to use and order the abrasives we need! Great job KK!
John Thomas